Why Donate?


Your donation will help support the many activities and programs Hill Country Amateur Radio Club

initiates or actively participates in throughout Kerr and surrounding counties.


HCARC is in the process of obtaining 501(C)3 Nonprofit status. As such, we are not currently eligible for foundational grants, but can accept private donations. They will not be tax deductible until the IRS grants Nonprofit Status.


Our Programs


  • EMERGENCIES: During emergencies, when many or all other forms of communications fail, Amateur Radio works. We actively assist:

    • Hill Country Chapter of the American Red Cross
    • Kerr County Emergency Management
    • Kerr County Volunteer Fire Departments
    • The National Weather Service
    • Amateur Radio Emergency Service

    • Annual Buy Scout “Jamboree On The Air” activities
    • Amateur Radio License Courses & Testing

    • Evaluating Communications Capabilities (VFD’s)
    • Providing Communication Enhancement Recommendations


Emergency Generator Project 

The February snow and ice storm of 2021 caught everyone by surprise. Electrical service was out, gasoline and Propane were rarely available and even the Kerrville water system ran dry. Law enforcement agencies and First Responders found themselves ill equipped to conduct business. The communication infrastructure was significantly impaired. 

Since that February HCARC has significantly enhanced our radios, antennas and other communications equipment. However, in order to ensure the availability of our emergency station, we need to equip it with an emergency standby generator and fuel supply. This undertaking is expected to cost in the range of $14,000 and will ensure our ability to provide backup communication in the absolute worst conditions.

Your help with this project will touch numerous Kerr and surrounding county agencies and citizens.

We cannot take credit card donations at this time.


Donations via check can be mailed to:


PO Box 294802

Kerrville, TX 78029


If you have any questions, please email